Leadership Workshops

Professional Development 

LTB Leadership has developed a variety of professional development training that will help the people within your organization build and foster stronger relationships leading to increased overall success.


Professional Development Training

From 45 minute lunch & learns to comprehensive half-day sessions, our seminars are customized to fit your organizations' needs.

Below are three of our current offerings; however, many topics are available for exploration depending on the needs of your organization. Contact us for a free consultation to discover how we can assist you with maximizing your organization’s potential.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Gain the ability to foster inclusion in your organization to make each individual on your team feel welcomed and valued.

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Psychological Safety

Discover how to establish and promote psychological safety in the workplace allowing all team members to feel accepted, and respected safe. 

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Super Chickens

Determine why it's important not to be a Super Chicken through 9 themes including productivity, competition, social connectedness and more...

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Challenging Conversations

Learn the skill of untangling emotions from the subject matter so you can go face to face with anybody and have that difficult conversation.